Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hide and Seek

He found me! Last night while the ogre was away, I decided to play a game of hide and seek. It was fun. Because of all the wood in my tank, I felt a bit more comfortable walking around. I walked from one corner of tankville to the other one.

The other corner was very different. Instead of a nice hot rock, where I can loaf around and spend my free time, there was a plant, and it was just my color. I decided to stay there for a while. I liked my new hiding spot. Especially during the day.

But this afternoon, when the grumpy ogre came back from work, he found me in my hiding spot. He put me in a small container, and he moved me to T2 (tankville 2). This tankville was bigger, and had 2 rocks, and all my favorite pieces of wood. It was a bit wet though, as if it had just rained.

I don't like it much, so I think I will just stay away in the far corner until I get more comfortable. Maybe when the ogre leaves I will explore some more, but it is not likely.

Gex from the Bronx

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