Sunday, January 10, 2010

Feel the Heat, Eat the Food

Oh, it is not easy being green. Or greener for that matter. I was beginning to lose my color, but the heat was good for my skin. I recently shed again. It is like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Shedding does wonders for my complexion.

I was hungry for a few days, but then a few crickets started jumping around my tank. I quickly ate them (yum yum). They were tasty. I even dared to eat a meal worm I found under my foot. The workout (from the hunt) was good too. I don't like moving around much. I prefer loafing around on my rock sunbathing in the heat lamp.

But now that I have a glass tankville, as opposed to my previous plastic one, I am a lot happier. I love to show off my climbing skills by effortlessly hanging out on the side of the tank, close to the heater. I am good. And he has made up for his invasion of privacy.

Gex, the Gecko

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