Monday, January 4, 2010

Gex Meets, and falls in love with, THE ROCK!!!

I love my new rock! It appeared in the new tankville and it is here in the far corner of the land. I wasn't sure about my tank until later in the day, when I first climbed on the rock. It was so cool. I got a good view of some bugs, but I was not hungry.

There is also a cool new lamp above my tank. It is nice and warm. During the day the light is bright, and it bothers me. I think I will go under the plant and go to bed at those times. But at night it is red and warm. I like to sunbathe on the new rock. Works wonders for my skin.

The ogre is the only problem. He bugs me too much. Earlier today we took his ipod and was pointing it at me. After he fell asleep I connected it to itunes, and here is what I found:

What a shameful invasion of privacy. He better make it up to me sometime soon.

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