Monday, January 18, 2010

Stickin' It To The Gecko

I love my new Tankville! I love to climb around. I wish there were more things to climb on. Anyway, I was on a stick last night, and I just wanted to hang out on that stick all day! It was so much fun. I love that stick!

Here is a video:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Feel the Heat, Eat the Food

Oh, it is not easy being green. Or greener for that matter. I was beginning to lose my color, but the heat was good for my skin. I recently shed again. It is like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Shedding does wonders for my complexion.

I was hungry for a few days, but then a few crickets started jumping around my tank. I quickly ate them (yum yum). They were tasty. I even dared to eat a meal worm I found under my foot. The workout (from the hunt) was good too. I don't like moving around much. I prefer loafing around on my rock sunbathing in the heat lamp.

But now that I have a glass tankville, as opposed to my previous plastic one, I am a lot happier. I love to show off my climbing skills by effortlessly hanging out on the side of the tank, close to the heater. I am good. And he has made up for his invasion of privacy.

Gex, the Gecko

Monday, January 4, 2010

Gex Meets, and falls in love with, THE ROCK!!!

I love my new rock! It appeared in the new tankville and it is here in the far corner of the land. I wasn't sure about my tank until later in the day, when I first climbed on the rock. It was so cool. I got a good view of some bugs, but I was not hungry.

There is also a cool new lamp above my tank. It is nice and warm. During the day the light is bright, and it bothers me. I think I will go under the plant and go to bed at those times. But at night it is red and warm. I like to sunbathe on the new rock. Works wonders for my skin.

The ogre is the only problem. He bugs me too much. Earlier today we took his ipod and was pointing it at me. After he fell asleep I connected it to itunes, and here is what I found:

What a shameful invasion of privacy. He better make it up to me sometime soon.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hide and Seek

He found me! Last night while the ogre was away, I decided to play a game of hide and seek. It was fun. Because of all the wood in my tank, I felt a bit more comfortable walking around. I walked from one corner of tankville to the other one.

The other corner was very different. Instead of a nice hot rock, where I can loaf around and spend my free time, there was a plant, and it was just my color. I decided to stay there for a while. I liked my new hiding spot. Especially during the day.

But this afternoon, when the grumpy ogre came back from work, he found me in my hiding spot. He put me in a small container, and he moved me to T2 (tankville 2). This tankville was bigger, and had 2 rocks, and all my favorite pieces of wood. It was a bit wet though, as if it had just rained.

I don't like it much, so I think I will just stay away in the far corner until I get more comfortable. Maybe when the ogre leaves I will explore some more, but it is not likely.

Gex from the Bronx

I Got Some Wood!

I have been hanging out where I feel most comfortable here in tankville. My rock. It is just a normal rock, big enough for me to sit on, but not too big to walk around in.

I noticed many worms in my tank too, but I think I wont eat them. I prefer the taste of fresh crickets chirping as the sun goes down. No crickets have crossed my path recently. Hopefully this changes.

But today there was a slightly pleasant surprise. There were many pieces of wood around my tank. I haven't tried to climb them yet, but I might later tonight. For now I will just hang out on my warm rock... My warm rock...