Thursday, December 31, 2009

Vertically Challenged

I am vertically challenged!

As a gecko I am supposed to be able to climb upon any surface! But not recently. My new home doesn't allow me to climb vertically! I tried!

I have been sitting on a rock most of the time. I have tried and tried to get some height but I can't. My home is made out of unclimbable materials! I hope I get a glass tank soon, so I can hang myself, off the walls.

On a rather different note, there was weird smell of pumpkin filling my home today. It drove me crazy! Also, someone put worms and bananas in my home. I wonder what the hell I am going to do with that! Hopefully they want me to bath in the bananas, because I love the smell.

I need height. Give me height or give me Branches. It is a slippery slope here in plastic tankville. But perhaps the worst part is the soil. I prefer hanging out on my rock, than this icky black stuff, for now.


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