Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The First Day.

I have been having the worst day ever! I am a Golden Gecko, but living in the Bronx is hard.

First I was put in a nauseating vehicle, which smelled like sphagnum. Afterwards, I was put in a small chinese food container while the sound of rushing water played out in the background. Was there a flood? Could it be that today was my last day on earth?

Not only did I almost have a heart attack, but someone took my old home away, in an empty tank, with a rock and a bowl, and replaced it with a tank of soil, with an ugly plant in it!

I held on in the corner for my dear life. This life changing experience will traumatize me forever! And all I have to console me at night is a shining beacon of light. A bright image of an apple looms next to my most humble abode. Little does the sleeping ogre know that I have taken it upon myself to sneak out and write about my life.


Sorry, I got distracted. Anyway, here is the apple I was talking about:

Am I for real? Yes. And while my life is long lived, I am here, and I ain't going no where. This is the adventures of Gex, Gecko from the Bronx, and I am here to give you the ups and downs of the cold blooded way. It is new to me too, and I find it hard to find my full identity. Until I do, I am holding on for my dear life!

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