Thursday, June 24, 2010

Freckles, gecko on the loose

Hello folks.

You may remember me as the compassionate yet ever cute freckles, the
crested gecko. If not here is a recent picture:

I recently joined some crested gecko forums online. The community of people there is amazing, and they have a very diverse set of geckos. I would recommend anyone who wants a gecko to ask questions there first, because those people now what they are talking about.

Now, let me upload some more pictures of myself before the ogre wakes up. That lazy bum...

Now these first two photos are really strange. It looks like I have a band of lighter color running along my midsections perpendicular to my orientation. I have only shown these colors a few times while sleeping. That is because the dumb ogre keeps waking me up. I am trying to tell him to leave me alone, but he doesn't speak geckonese.
Now this picture is better! You can clearly see the design on my back, my spots, and my beautiful tail! But how horrible it is that they caught me in such a compromising position! I get not privacy at all!! NONE!
This final photo is by far the most telling. It is an artists rendition of my figure! It was created on an iphone using a free app called Glowing Art. Needless to say, I am a bit insulted. If an artist is going to draw me with his fingers on an iphone, he should at least have the decency to get an app that costs money!

OH SNAP, the ogre just came back from taking pictures of his dumb lilies. I gotta run. See ya next time!


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